How to Remove an Established Tree in Akron, OH

It’s common for property owners to need tree removal due to construction, plant damage, or tree location. Yet, knowing how to remove an established tree isn’t identical to the DIY tree removal steps you might take to eliminate a small, young tree. 

As a highly-rated tree removal contractor in Akron, Ohio, Petrarca Landcare, Inc. utilizes industry-leading tree removal techniques to ensure safety and efficiency. See what our tree care experts say about cutting down large trees.

how to remove an established tree

How to Cut Down Established Trees

Removing mature trees safely requires years of experience, access to various tree removal equipment, and a trusted team who knows how to complete the process. Still, knowing how the process generally works may address some questions or concerns you may have if you need the service. 

Here’s how the professionals handle tree removal for large, mature trees.

Know the Proper Safety Practices 

Safety is a top priority when cutting down established trees, so this project requires careful planning to avoid property damage and injury. Practical safety measures include clearing the area of vehicles, outdoor furniture, and other items and wearing safety gear like gloves and helmets.

Review Legal Regulations for Tree Removal

Even if you know how to remove an established tree, you must ensure you’re within regulations to do so. Tree removal crews will ensure they have all appropriate permits before removing an established tree. 

Remove Lower Branches First

It’s usually safer to cut off the tree’s lowest branches, so that’s often the first step for established tree removal. These limbs tend to be lighter, making them easier to remove using a chainsaw. 

As the tree care crew removes the lower branches, they’ll work their way up the tree. They may use a reciprocating saw for the dense upper branches. Tree service experts won’t carry the saw on a ladder; they’ll lift the equipment using a rope or other secondary equipment to ensure their safety as they scale the tree. 

Get Rid of the Trunk

After cutting off all of the tree’s branches, it’s time to work on its trunk. Professionals often use a chainsaw to make a right-angle cut in the direction they want the tree to topple. If there isn’t enough space for the entire tree to fall over safely, it may be best to cut oversized tree trunks into sections. 

Grind the Tree Stump

Once the crew removes the tree, they may grind the stump. Though some homeowners choose to leave stumps in their yards, these leftover parts can become a home to tree root shoots or pests. Grinding down the stump and roots will smooth the land and reduce those risks. 

Methods for Removing Established Trees

These are other methods tree care crews may use to cut down established trees:

  • Start With the Upper Branches: Working from the top of the tree down using a bucket truck and ropes can prevent branches from falling in the wrong direction.
  • Use Herbicide: Cutting into the trunk and applying herbicide can weaken the tree, making it easier to remove.
  • Fell the Tree: Felling refers to cutting the entire tree from the trunk, allowing it to drop in a desired direction.

Trust Petrarca Landcare, Inc. for Professional Tree Removal Services

Even if you know how to remove an established tree, it’s always best to let the experts with the property tree removal equipment and safety gear handle the task. Our team at Petrarca Landcare, Inc. offers outstanding tree care services to Akron, Ohio residents at fair prices. Our courteous licensed arborists have a reputation for providing quality tree care services, from removing trees to saving trees with damaged bark.

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