How to Save a Tree with Damaged Bark

how to save a tree with damaged bark

Trees are incredibly robust and can withstand most severe weather and strong winds with relative ease. However, even the strongest trees aren’t immune to damage that hinders their health and overall appeal. Many experience bark damage that taint their appearance and prevent your property from looking its best.

Unfortunately, many Akron, OH, homeowners don’t know how to save a tree with damaged bark efficiently. That’s why Petrarca Landcare Inc. put together a short guide to teach you how to save a tree with bark damage.

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The Importance of Tree Bark

Think of tree bark like skin. It protects the tree from severe weather, pest infestations, and disease, keeping it safe and healthy. Bark also contains connective tissue that provides water and food for the tree to thrive.

However, tree’s with severe bark damage are much more prone to health issues like diseases that can weaken or even kill them over time. That’s why it’s essential to take measures to help the tree heal after it experiences bark damage.

How to Resolve Bark Damage

Now that you understand the importance of tree bark, you can learn how to save a tree with damaged bark. Follow the steps below to help a tree heal from damaged bark.

Clean the Wound

Start by cleaning the tree wound and removing any jagged edges around the damaged area. This will help the tree form a callous to protect it from various threats. Although most trees won’t form new bark, calluses form a robust barrier around wounds that take the place of bark to prevent pests and disease from penetrating the space.

Use a clean hammer and chisel to eliminate any loose or damaged bark and smoothen the jagged edges to create a round shape. Remember not to cut into the tree since it can cause additional problems that adversely affect tree health.

Fertilize the Tree

Once the wound is nice, round, and clean, apply a high-quality fertilizer to the tree’s base. Try to find one with a high yet balanced NPK rating (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) to ensure it has enough nutrients to heal quickly. You need to add two to four pounds of fertilizer per every 1,000 sq. ft. of the root system. 

To determine the root system’s size, measure the distance from the end of the longest branch to the tree trunk and multiply them together. Then multiply that number by two and again by 3.14.

Spread the fertilizer over the entire root system and thoroughly water it. 

If done correctly, this will help the damaged part of the tree heal faster and more efficiently.

However, if bark damage surpasses 25% of the tree, it’s best to contact a professional arborist to handle the process. Arborists understand how to resolve severe bark damage or can remove it if they believe the tree is beyond repair.

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