How To Keep Your Trees Healthy in North Canton, OH

Trees are sturdy, but can sometimes be subject to debilitating diseases or infestations that have the potential to bring them low. If you want to review a healthy tree maintenance checklist and learn how to keep your trees healthy, consider reading this brief article by Petaraca Landcare Inc., one of the best tree services in North Canton, Ohio, on how to prevent tree disease and pests.

How To Keep Your Trees Healthy: Tree Care Basics

If you want to properly care for your trees, it all starts with good research. We recommend engaging in some of the following tactics on how to keep your trees healthy, including to do the following.

Prune Properly

When you prune, don’t do so without a plan. The benefits of tree pruning can be massive, but it can also damage the tree if you aren’t very careful about it. If you’re unsure how to prune your tree, consulting an arborist or tree company can help set you in the right direction.

Fertilize Liberally

Fertilizer is great for trees unless they are brand new. Resist the urge to give your plants an excessive amount of mulch or fertilizer when they first start out since they need to grow a root system first instead of stacking nutrients right away. The best mulch for healthy trees is a shallow layer, no more than a few inches around the tree.

Water Generously

Proper watering for trees all depends on the trees’ species. To learn how to keep your trees healthy, you should research your tree species’ specific needs, especially for variables like watering. During the beginning phases of a tree’s life, water them generously every couple of weeks.

If you have multiple trees, always give the youngest priority in watering over the oldest, since older trees can go longer without watering in comparison to those who are still growing. If the weather is very hot, consider watering all of your trees more often to prevent any wilting, especially if rainfall is sparse. Mature trees, in general, can use water a few times a month.

Learn More From the Tree Experts at Petarca Landcare Inc.

You might know how to keep your trees healthy, but trying to handle these tasks alone can still be a challenge. Why not trust the arborist experts at Petarca Landcare Inc. with all of your tree-related requests? You can contact us in multiple ways, whether it be through our email, phone number, or even text! Our specialties in tree-related services include:

  • Stump grinding
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Expert pruning
  • Root fertilizer infusions

If you need help learning how to keep your trees healthy, or you don’t understand what condition or disease your tree may have, just leave your tree problems to us. With Petarca Landcare Inc., you can depend on our timely service and competitive pricing to be convenient for your garden’s needs. Call us today at 330-933-0562. Work with us and see the difference we can make.

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