Will a Topped Tree Grow Back in North Canton, OH?

While cutting back a few long branches, did you accidentally take off too much, effectively topping your tree? It is disheartening to see your once proud and healthy tree missing vital branches. As you frantically try to figure out what to do next, you might be wondering, “Will a topped tree grow back?” 

The answer is yes, but it will take some time and a little TLC. Enlisting the help of a trusted tree service contractor in North Canton, Ohio, is a great way to support your damaged tree.

Want to learn more? Let’s explore the basics of tree topping and what a typical recovery looks like below. 

What Is Tree Topping? 

Routine pruning is necessary for the health of trees, but tree topping is extreme and has consequences. It involves cutting off major branches at the top, or crown, of the tree. This results in the tree looking bare at the top. This practice was originally used to shape trees to keep them from getting too tall or from getting in the way of homes or power lines. 

Unfortunately, this practice is dangerous to the tree’s health. It increases the risk of diseases and premature death, which you certainly don’t want! Trees produce energy through their branches and leaves, and if a significant portion of them are cut away, they go into starvation. If they do grow back, uneven growth patterns in topped trees are common. 

Additional long-term effects of topping on tree health include: 

  • Decay 
  • Weak or brittle branches
  • Unbalanced growth
  • An increased risk of suffering wind or storm damage

So, will a topped tree grow back in a healthy way? It is possible, as long as a trusted arborist is involved in the recovery process. 

Tree Regrowth After Topping 

Trained arborists understand tree regrowth and know what to look for when it comes to topped trees. They will inspect your tree and come up with a reliable care plan. It may take multiple years for your tree to recover, so just be patient! 

During this recovery period, your arborist will watch the tree carefully. Occasionally, they will selectively cut back weak growth to keep the tree regrowing as strongly as possible. If any signs of decay or disease present themselves, your arborist will address these issues as well. 

Healthy Alternatives to Topping for Tree Control 

Pruning trees is important, but you should invest in professional tree pruning for optimal growth. A professionally trained arborist knows all about trees and will locate which branches to cut and which to leave alone. 

Another alternative is crown reduction. In doing so, a professional will cut back tall branches without compromising the health of the tree along the way. It also removes dying limbs to allow healthier undergrowth to thrive.

So, will a topped tree grow back to its full glory? Yes, as long as you give it the TLC it needs while recovering. 

Avoid the negative consequences of topping on regrowth! If you are struggling with a topped tree, contact us today at Petrarca Landcare, Inc at (330) 933-0562 to chat with a professional arborist.  

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