5 Reasons Why a Tree Service Company Should Get Google Guaranteed

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Endlessly searching for the best tree service company requires time and energy. Some companies may provide the services you need but have poor customer reviews, while other tree services may offer low-cost options but refuse to clean up trimmed branches. Tree services in Massillon, OH, by Petrarca Landcare, provide affordable options for effectively treating your trees. Google Guarantee simplifies finding companies for your next tree service project. 

Businesses trying to get Google Guaranteed must undergo background checks, validation of licenses and insurance, and confirmation of positive customer reviews. The green checkmark afforded to Google Guaranteed businesses signals potential customers that your business serves your customers exceptionally well. With countless tree service companies to choose from, Google Guarantees help trustworthy businesses stand out. 

Continue reading to learn about the five reasons why your tree service company benefits from receiving the Google Guarantee. 

1. Rank Higher on Search Engines

Businesses that get Google Guaranteed automatically receive a higher ranking on Google searches. High search engine placement allows more users to view your content and learn about your services. CTR, or click-through rate, also increases when customers encounter trustworthy companies. Business owners willing to comply with Google’s Advanced Verification methods prove to customers that they operate a safe, reliable business. Higher search result rankings allow maximum users to experience your business’s low prices, friendly service, and expertise. 

2. Less Expensive

Businesses already subscribed to Google Local Services easily apply for the Google Guarantee designation. Upgrading to the Google Guarantee allows business owners to avoid paying fees every time someone clicks on their links. It is incredibly frustrating if those clicks fail to convert to sales. With the Google Guarantee, service companies only pay if customers directly contact them after clicking the ads. Saved money means more resources to utilize for your growing business. 

3. Promotes Trustworthiness 

When customers search online for tree services, many options become available, and the customers must use their judgment to choose. Google Guarantee highlights your business as reputable, thus encouraging undecided users to explore how your company stands apart. To get Google Guaranteed, customers understand your organization does not offer poor customer service and malicious business practices. Building solid and trustworthy relationships with customers lead to successful businesses.

4. Grow Your Business

Tree service companies with excellent customer reviews and exceptional business practices failing to apply for the Google Guarantee may still struggle to find a foothold in their market. The Google Guarantee generates new leads for your business, strengthening your marketing efforts to reach new customers. Well-run businesses require new customers to experience their services and communicate positive reviews to encourage prospective clients to visit their web pages. 

5. Customer Friendly 

Customers benefit significantly from businesses included in the Google Guarantee. Job performances that failed to meet customers’ expectations qualify for reimbursement of up to $2,000 under the Google Guarantee. All customers have to do is send Google the invoice and await a final decision. Customer-friendly tools enhance user experience and promote reliable business practices. 

Trust Petrarca Landcare Inc. for Your Next Tree Service Project 

Tree service projects involving electric tools, dangerous heights, and advanced techniques require help from trained professionals. At Petrarca Landcare Inc, we strive to provide our customers with the best tree services possible. For over 13 years, we have proudly served the Ohio community with friendly customer service and unbeatable prices. To learn more about how businesses get Google Guaranteed and the many benefits of pruning your trees, contact us at Petrarca Landcare Inc. at (330) 933-0562 to speak with our friendly staff and receive your free estimate today! 


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