Six Top Benefits of Pruning Your Trees and Why You Should Consult with the Pros

benefits of pruning

Contrary to what some tree owners might think, the benefits of pruning go beyond visual appeal. Proper pruning helps you get rid of your tree’s damaged ends, giving it an ideal base for healthy growth.

This post will share six key pruning benefits, highlighting the need for excellent tree service in Massillon, OH, by Petrarca Landcare Inc.

1. Promotes Growth

By removing struggling branches, your tree can dedicate water and nutrients to other parts. As a result, these parts push out the tree’s regrowth to balance the top with the root system.

2. Removes Unwanted Growth

Tree pruning also helps you get rid of unwanted growth, enabling you to eliminate:

  • Branches encroaching on power lines
  • Aesthetically displeasing branches
  • Roots too close to underground pipe systems
  • Roots damaging sidewalks

3. Prevents Safety Hazards

Pruning can also prevent safety hazards, especially if your tree has damage or diseases.

For example, branches hanging over electrical lines or roofs can be hazardous. On top of that, dead branches can fall during high winds, causing injury or property damage.

4. Treat Diseases

Speaking of dead branches, one of the critical benefits of pruning is its ability to treat diseases and improve tree health.

Like humans, trees can get sick, with these diseases spreading quickly. For instance, your tree could develop powdery mildew, a type of fungi. Though the infection won’t kill your tree, it can disfigure most of the vegetation in your yard.

In some cases, pruning the affected branches is usually the best tree care solution when it is diseased.

5. Encourages Fruit Production

A fruit tree will not produce much fruit if it is sick or dying. Fortunately, cutting off the infected parts encourages the growth of spurs, which are the part of your tree responsible for producing fruit.

The more spurs your tree has, the more bountiful your harvest will be.

6. Pruning Is Cost-Effective

Depending on the type of pruning you opt for, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars. While this expense might deter some tree owners, tree pruning can save you money in the long run.

For starters, pruning’s ability to treat diseased trees can help you avoid the costly task of removing them. If that wasn’t enough, your tree’s enhanced beauty could boost curb appeal, increasing property value.

Why You Should Turn to the Professionals

Although some homeowners might attempt DIY tree pruning, the process can be complex. Fortunately, enlisting the services of a professional tree trimmer can help ensure the process is effective and straightforward.

Here is why you should always consult professionals:

  • They have specialized expertise: Proper pruning requires the right level of expertise to avoid cutting too much and hindering your tree’s growth.
  • They have proper tools: Professional tree trimmers have access to the right tools, from pruning saws and shears to pole pruners.
  • They ensure safety: DIY pruning can be dangerous without proper training and tools. Backed by their skills and experience, professionals can carry out the job safely.
  • They can guarantee satisfactory results: Professional tree trimmers have the skills to prune your trees correctly, leaving them healthy and thriving.

Tree Pruning Services in Massillon, OH

Are you in need of professional pruning services in Massillon, OH? Get in touch with Petrarca Landcare Inc. today. Our certified arborists will offer the quality pruning services you need to ensure your tree’s proper growth.

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