How Much Water Does a Tree Need?


Trees are more resilient than plants and vegetation. Yet, they still require plenty of water, healthy soil, and sunlight to grow and thrive. Healthy trees protect us from hot weather, provide fresher air, grow fruits, shelter our homes, and provide a soothing backdrop.

Unfortunately, many parts of the world suffer from heat waves and droughts, including the US. Therefore, it’s crucial to water your trees year-round and not just during hotter, drier months like summer. 

In this guide, we’ll answer how much water does a tree need, when and how often to water it, and what techniques to use. We’ll also explore how a tree service company in Massillon, OH, can help your young and mature trees continue growing. 

When You Should Water Your Trees

How often you should water your trees will depend upon numerous factors. Your tree’s size, species, soil conditions, and the type of weather your area experiences are just a few considerations. 

For seasonal or year-round hot climates, morning or evening are usually the best times to water your trees. Half or more of the water will evaporate if you water your trees during a humid summer afternoon. 

How to Water Your Trees

The best form of tree watering should also be a slower process. Pop-up lawn sprinkler systems that only run for a few minutes at several weekly intervals may not be the best solution.

Both passive and active equipment exist for providing soil moisture: 

Passive Equipment

Some passive equipment you can use to water your trees include: 

  • Scuppers or rain leaders
  • Gator Bags that slowly releases water
  • A five-gallon bucket
  • Rain barrels complemented by attached flexible hoses
  • A downspout extender that brings water down into your tree roots and tree trunk

Active Equipment 

Two types of active equipment exist for watering your trees: 

  • Harvest cisterns and a sump pump
  • An automatic irrigation system that uses a bubbler, soaker, or drip hose

How Do You Know How Much Water Your Tree Needs? 

Unfortunately, there’s not always an exact answer to, “How much water does a tree need?” However, the general rule of thumb is ten gallons of water for every inch of your tree’s diameter. Using a ruler to measure your tree’s diameter at knee height can help determine this figure. 

However, many tree owners have better success by simply checking their soil to see if their trees need more or less water. You want moist soil, but you don’t want it to be completely soggy or too dry. 

Checking if your soil is too dry is simple enough. Touch the ground surrounding your tree, and if it’s dry, your tree needs more water. However, expertly checking if the soil is too soggy requires a garden trowel. 

Other Considerations

Other best practices for watering trees include: 

  • Watering your trees year-round: You should continue to water your trees even during winter as your trees are still growing. 
  • Remember to use mulch: Mulch helps your trees retain moisture and regulate soil temperatures. 
  • Call tree care experts: Keeping your trees healthy and long-lasting requires a lot of work and patience. Calling the right tree care experts makes this process easier. 

Let Our Tree Care Experts Help Water Your Trees

Properly watering your trees, especially during hot weather, is crucial in facilitating proper growth and nourishment. Our licensed and insured tree care experts at Petrarca Landcare Inc. can make this process easier. 

Let our experts answer how much water does a tree need and help you learn more about trimming trees in the summer by calling Petrarca Landcare Inc. at (330) 933-0562

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