Tree Leaves Turning Brown: Why Does it Happen?

A healthy tree provides a lush look and plentiful shade for your yard. This aesthetic is due in large part to their colorful and vibrant leaves. But when those tree leaves start to look dim, you may wonder, “Why are my tree leaves turning brown?”

Staying on top of your tree’s health is essential if you want a long-lived and hearty tree. One of the most visible signs of a tree’s health is its leaves. Leaves turning brown can be harmless, but sometimes it’s a cause for concern. 

As the best tree service in Massillon, OH, our team at Petrarca Landcare Inc. explains why your leaves may be turning brown and how to keep your trees in peak condition.

Sun Damage and Drought

During the summer, tree leaves can turn brown due to excess heat and a lack of water. This phenomenon is also known as “leaf scorch.” It’s imperative to keep an eye on your tree and give it a proper amount of water during hot and dry periods. 

Just be wary of providing your tree with excess water. Too much water can be just as bad as too little water for a tree.

Frost Damage

While damage from the heat can cause leaves to turn brown, frost can have the same effect. Certain trees are more resilient than others, but you’ll want to be especially careful with young trees. 

During winter, you should cover your younger trees to avoid overnight frosting of your leaf tips.

Dead Branches

When only parts of a tree have brown leaves, dead branches are a common culprit. Tree leaves turning brown on a dead branch is natural and only requires a bit of pruning to resolve. 

Wind storms are a common cause of dead branches, but if multiple tree branches have died naturally, you should contact an expert.

Disease or Insects

Some trees are more susceptible to damage from insects and diseases, which can cause dying, brown leaves. If one of your trees has brown leaves, try looking closely for symptoms of pests and diseases. 

For significant issues or ones you can’t identify, get a professional tree inspection to figure out your next step. 

Recently Moved Tree

When you move a tree, it’s common for it to go through a process known as “transplant shock.” During this period, the tree adapts and reroots itself in the soil. Brown leaves are a temporary symptom of this, so it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. 

With enough time and proper care, the tree will take root and begin flourishing again. 

Contact Our Tree Experts for a Professional Assessment

Typically, tree leaves turning brown is a natural process, only requiring minimal attention to fix. But when brown leaves continue to plague your tree, you’ll need the knowledge to fix it. Not only should you know the importance of tree fertilizers, but know when it’s time to call an expert.

Here at Petrarca Landcare Inc, we know trees and how to keep them in tip-top shape. If you’ve got a tree that needs help, call us at (330) 933-0562 today. 

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