This company went above and beyond! They cleared my property and did it with such grace and respect. They stood by their company name. “Petrarca Landcare Inc.” They are very highly recommended and well respected In Massillon Ohio.

Judy Gomez Avatar Judy Gomez
June 8, 2024

We had three trees removed from our fenced in backyard. The crew did an excellent job and worked very efficiently. It truly was a good experience! We were happy with the results and the price. We would highly recommend their services.

Judith forsythe Avatar Judith forsythe
March 11, 2024

These guys are top notch. They have the equipment to get the job done. I hired Petrarca to remove an absolutely massive 50+ ft tall maple tree that was leaning over our house. They told me they’d be at the house to start at 9am. I figured I’d take an early lunch break at 10:30am and run their check to them - I figured by that time they’d have started getting into really cutting it down.. By the time I got home, they were already packing up the trucks and leaving. They have very nice, super efficient equipment. They made quick work of that huge tree. If you need a tree removed, don’t mess around. Call these guys, they’ll take care of you.

Alex Zubek Avatar Alex Zubek
February 11, 2024

They did a great job removing my tree that was towering right in between my house and my neighbor’s. The crew knocked out my removal in less than 3 hours. The operation is like a well oiled machine. Everyone I interacted with was very nice and helpful. Would highly recommend.

Anthony Paniccia Avatar Anthony Paniccia
February 11, 2024

Petrarca removed 4 large trees from our neighbor's property and 1 small one from ours in about 2 hours. They were prompt, efficient, and professional. Our tree was in the middle of a planting bed, immediately adjacent to our house and they didn't disturb anything else other than the tree. And they cleaned up thoroughly, including raking up small branches, twigs and leaves. I highly recommend them!

Jodi Molner Avatar Jodi Molner
January 11, 2024

Petrarca did a great job removing 4 very large river birch trees from some very hard to reach spaces. The crew were amazing at their jobs and worked diligently from the moment they arrived. If you are looking to have trees removed, this is the company to do the job!

Jim Taylor Avatar Jim Taylor
November 11, 2023

Andrew and his crew did an outstanding job for us. They worked extremely hard and their efforts and positive attitudes were a breath of fresh air this day in age. I would recommend them to anyone. Andrew is very knowledgeable and passionate about trees. I thoroughly enjoyed walking our property with him discussing which ones to remove and which ones to trim.

Benjamin Hoffman Avatar Benjamin Hoffman
October 11, 2023

Very very nice crew did the job excellent work very satisfied!!!!!!👍👍👍

Maria Kinback Avatar Maria Kinback
September 11, 2023

Good friend from Ohio. He does amazing work

Justin Troxell Avatar Justin Troxell
September 11, 2023

I'm a project manager for Summit County and had Petrarca Land Care remove 30+ trees and brush that was dangerously close to our Plant substation electrical wires. Such a pleasure to watch these Conscientious and Professional Tree Experts. Well Done Guys. Will be doing business in the future. Thank you

Donald Akers II Avatar Donald Akers II
September 11, 2023
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